Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kaki Corner - Western Cruisine

Looking some budget food to eat for your dinner? Let’s go Kaki Corner !

Cafe Name: Kaki Corner
Venue: Taman Billion, Cheras
Operating Hours: 6pm - night (not sure)

Kaki Corner mainly offers western and Malaysia local food with reasonable price.

As you look at Kaki Corner menu above, they provides reasonable price that does not exceeds RM20 per meal.

I have ordered some meals as below:

Ham + Chicken Chop with Cheeese RM7.00 (Approximately)

Chicken Chop with White Source Cheese RM7 (Approximately)

I have ordered 3 meals with a drinks, it cost me around RM36 (included government tax & services tax). Very cheap right?

Kaki Corner Direction Map


Chang said...

hey ~
i'm from around that area too..
i think there's a slight mistake in ur map

anyway .. KaKi corner's mushroom soup is good

Calvin said...

The food here is good and reasonably priced. My favorite is the mixed grill and also their escargots. But long time never go there edi. Too far away from my place.

W.R. said...

I honestly have never tasted escargot yet... what does it taste like?

Chang said...

noh idea thou..
but mixed grill is good

taira said...

Wow.. so how was the escargot ??

Fluxevz said...

all this food makes me hungry..anyway itz actually 'sauce' not 'source'..diff meaning both, :)

Ojyousama said...

I went there few times b4~ It's a nice place for Yumcha~ hehe~

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel

Ling Wong said...


I went there kaki corner, food damn lousy dy... but my friends pull me to the western restaurant beside kaki corner, name Sweeds... Food price got cheap and expensive...

I am impress with their Homemade Sauce call White Sauce... Wow...not bad not bad...

I think you may try it some other day...