Thursday, November 8, 2007

Nong&Jimmy Thai Seafood BBQ

Greetings to food lovers, if you likes to eat spicy, there is a Thai seafood BBQ located at Ampang, 10 minutes from MRR2 highway and Pandan Indah.

The restaurant provides varieties food as below: (I went to search around what other people was ordered. Just realized CRAB was the most popular food in the restaurant.)

Besides that, there is a side-orders at stall within the restaurant. Considered as a Thai Dessert which dipped with kaya source.

Nong&Jimmy Thai Seafood BBQ
Lot 27363, Jalan Cahaya 1,
Taman Cahaya, Ampang,
Tel: 03-42511807
HP 019-2611345, 012-2738069

You can take public transportation - LRT to Cahaya Station. Approximately take 15 minutes to walk from Cahaya Station to Nong&Jimmy Thai Seafood BBQ

Monday, October 22, 2007

Codo Vietnamese Cuisine, Mid Valley

Hey people!! This is my first post here in YummyMalaysia. ^^ So I've heard plenty of good reviews and comment on this restaurant. I finally made a visit to Co Do in Mid Valley that serve Vietnamese Food.

Co Do is situated at Mid Valley (cinema floor). There's a stairs to go up to the restaurant. (Which is just beside Little Vietnam)

We ordered a set for 2 person that includes Grilled Eggplant Skewers, Mango Mayo Shrimp, Golden Lychee Chicken Ball and Steamed wrapped roll (not in picture) I was too hungry and gulped the food resulting forget to take a pic.

Next, one of the main and popular noodles in the viet community.
Spicy chicken slice with thin vermicelli. (Spicy soup chicken with hu tieu)

Spring Onion Fried Rice.
(It might not seem appealing here.. it also taste very bland but trust me.. it taste good when you add some bird eye chilies on it .. the rice is super fine..)

Mainly this place serves Vietnamese Dim Sum and some main course menu. Besides that there are sets too. Price for the food here aren't pricey. The fresh lime tea taste great.. refreshing indeed! The set that we ordered for 2 person sums up RM37++. Definitely will go back for more.

Co Do
Lot T-052, Level 3 Mid Valley,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Uncle Duck Hong Kong Restaurant!! Steam Boat

hehe, its me again, this evening, my uncle call me and invite me for the dinner (of course, he said he will treat =P)and he ask me go to Berjaya Time Square, 3rd floor, Uncle Tuck Hong Kong Restaurant, near food and tea restaurant..
here write "sek for wo, wan dek ko!!" means that "eat steam boat, find uncle duck"..wooo

Delicious?,just the menu,hehe

here is the inside!! wah, amazing.!

Beside Steam Boat, there is another thing you can eat here, just like what other hong kong restaurant have..=P

This is the area outside the room!

there is a lot of type of soup, at least 7 type of soup!Here come the soup!! Tom Yam!

Tomato Soup

Here is the food~~~

we having all this inside a room! you can have a nice view cause there is a mirror there and you can look throught outside..>.<
and because of my uncle treating, so i am not really know the price but i heard that's RM250++ , 13 peoples
so is that cheap?, but i can said its worth =P

Bao Bao, Nice Pan Mee!

early in the morning, going to Pandan Indah have lunch with my mum. Yes!, it's bao bao again, i go there have Pan Mee at least 1 week once, sometimes twice.
hehe, becaouse it really tasty and yummy!!!

its write "ni chi bao bao le ma?" means, have you fulfill ur stomach?

Here is some of the environment

Look at those people, its just 11am something..

This is the kitchen!!

This is the Pan Mee i mention! that's nice!

There is another reason i going to have the Pan Mee, it have 4 type of chili!!

1 of the famous dishes!! yu peng! (fish cake i suppose, sorry, poor english)

oh well, i ordered 2 small Pan Mee and 2 Chinese Tea and a additional 1 small bowl of yu peng (fish cake), it just cost me RM12, is it'nt worth?

Located at Pandan Indah, its just same row with Restaurant Nice Bowl that i posted before, and near hospital Pantai Indah

Friday, October 19, 2007

If u always dream for a nice chicken please go to Petaling Jaya ss/2

Restaurant Name: Restoran Village Chicken
Venue: PJ SS/2, Jalan SS/2 30
Operating Hours: 6 pm untill 10pm
Very sorry for the blur-ness of the picture.. This restaurant is located at Jalan SS/2 30..It is more like chinese restaurant that serves chinese food and rice.. The favourite here is Chicken as we all can already see from the banner.. There are 2 types of rice serve here which are the White rice and Oil Rice AKA Chicken Rice.. Usually myself choose Chicken Rice because Chicken Rice + the favourite Chicken there is the best.. Here is a picture of the Favourite Chickent over there.. It's name is Hometown Chicken 家乡鸡
This chicken is no ordinary chicken we eat outside, its Garden Chicken ( It means organic chicken which is more healthy and taste better last but not lease its more expensive) On top of the chicken is oyster sauce.. It is simple but taste just nice.. Those who is chicken lover should go and give it a try

Another favourite of the restaurant is Stuffed Fish, the way to cook this fish is take out all the fish meat, mix it with pork and some other ingredients den make it become fish shape.. It is boneless and suitable for those who want to eat fish but afraid of bones..

This restaurant serve good food and good service however the price is a bit high for me therefore i rate 3 stars out of 5 stars..
The address of this restaurant is : 7, Jln SS/2 30, PJ.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kaki Corner - Western Cruisine

Looking some budget food to eat for your dinner? Let’s go Kaki Corner !

Cafe Name: Kaki Corner
Venue: Taman Billion, Cheras
Operating Hours: 6pm - night (not sure)

Kaki Corner mainly offers western and Malaysia local food with reasonable price.

As you look at Kaki Corner menu above, they provides reasonable price that does not exceeds RM20 per meal.

I have ordered some meals as below:

Ham + Chicken Chop with Cheeese RM7.00 (Approximately)

Chicken Chop with White Source Cheese RM7 (Approximately)

I have ordered 3 meals with a drinks, it cost me around RM36 (included government tax & services tax). Very cheap right?

Kaki Corner Direction Map

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

9 Wong Yea Temple Part 2

11.30pm =)
Tonight I back home at 9pm something, and inform my friends that I can’t go to yam cha with them at ajimal located at Sri Petaling. After I inform, my friends calling me and sms me to ask me join them go to Ampang 9 Wong Yea Temple. So I said I can go but then I do not know how to go and they come to take me (Thank you Mercury for fetching me, =P)
And when we reach there we go around and some of them want to “bai bai”(pray), but except me and Mercury, so we decide go and have a sit and enjoy some of the vegetarian food.
There is so many people around althought there is already 12am and may be more late.
this is only small amount of people that i can capture here.>.<

Here is some of the vegeterian food =P

(Vege Roast Goose)Xiu Ngor!!! surely vegeterian =P
Look At the peanut!! yummy~ Dessert: Ma Chi - Sticky Dessert mixed with Peanut

Ma Chi is a sticky dessert that mixed with peanut. It cost me RM3.00 per pack for this Ma Chi at the temple. May be their rental is very expensive. Besides you can found this at the temple, of course you can get this dessert everywhere such as Pasar Malam (Chinese Area Night Market). Normally their selling price will be RM1.20 per pack

We wait them for a while, and they have finish “bai bai”, and I know Kit Ming’s “yuan bao 元宝” (the thing for pray) have been stolen!!! Kit Ming is so unlucky.
So we back at 1am if no mistake.
Enjoy guys. See ya